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Witchful Eye Witchful Eye

Rated 5 / 5 stars

all of your women are very pretty

and granted sexy is also there, it is nice to c an artist delve into the true beauty of a womans face.

By chance is this of an actual person, she is drop dead gorgeous! at any rate you r now one of my favorite artist, i love all of ur work, keep it up

and i hope to c more beautiful woman art from you soon, CHEERS!

Human Sonic Poster Human Sonic Poster

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I like how sonics hoodie looks like his hair

very subtle, and genuinely brilliant. screw u @programv3 and @cerowolf, this is his vision...this is HIS art, how dare u come up with anything negative just cuz "oh i would totally have sonics baby...if i could..."

Shove my thoughts in your mind just to stifle your screams
I hope to see more epic art soon, CHEERS :3

also, big ups to the iconic loop silhouette in the takes me back home u know?

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gentleman gentleman

Rated 5 / 5 stars


You are retarded...apparently in your retard world stars don't all, clearly because of teh orientation of the star and how the line turns from white to black near is right hand is why it is like that. Also it isn't going from daylight to nightfall, it is in the dead of night, hence the stars, the only way this picture could be possible would be if he was near a fire of some kind...a very bright fire, in which case embers would be in the air...however this is anime-style. So screw all reason! The line is white, and excellent!

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Pokemon-2009 Pokemon-2009

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Dude this almost isn't even pokemon anymore

it transcends pokemon completely, it took the idea of pokemon and said ' hey, this is for children, lets make it awesome'. kinda like thunder cats, imagine thunder cats animated like pokemon, everyone would have been like, oh, this is for children, but the art style appealed to damn near everyone, and thus, thunder cats is adored by all ages, same wit old school transformers.

now with transformers, however, they did remake it, over, and over, and over until now, if u look at what rotation of transformers is currently on tv, optimus is a fire truck!!?!?!!?!?!?, and when he transforms he has a cape!!!?!??!?!? WTF, animated transformers has been kid-ified 100%, and thus, only childeren watch it, and people like me who have memories of transformers of old, feel very let down that an epic franchise such as that has reached an all time low...(sigh)

and with all of that rambling comes your piece...With all Sincerity , Thank you.

pokemon has never been where u have taken it with this piece, from the boy, whatever his name may be to you, to all of the pokes, looking all pissed and ready to open a ball of poke-whoop-ass, dude this is the shit. Continue to make art, you are very good at it.

I hope to view more of your delicious art soon. Peace

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Deep Blue Eve Deep Blue Eve

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Awesome work...but

where have u seen a hoodie with no sleeves? that is quite bad ass sir! I want a hoodie with no hand wholes too!! Someone needs to make them...kinda like the socks with little toes on them so ur toes r covered...lame, but a hoodie with glove like ends...brilliant!

I hope to enjoy more of ur art soon. :3

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