Yup...a microsoft update crashed my main computer! so I won't be uploading until i can get that fixed :( how ironic is that!!!!!??!??!?!!?!

but as a major plus, my college just gave all of their IT students 320 gig portable hard drives :D, and therefore i won't have to re-download, and more importantly re-search, for everything to create my music...and as an added bonus i will be able to upgrade my FL studio from 8 to 9!

Let us hope that i will be back, cranking out beats soon...as opposed to not soon...which would suck!



2009-08-09 07:39:34 by Yumbo-Yak

after almost 3 months of no internet i'm back online...Thank God to say the least. Just like before i'll be uploadin tracks, so be on the lookout, Also if anyone knows how i would like to change my name, is there a way or am i stuck with yumbo-yak FOREVER? Just wondering.

I hope u all enjoy listening to my art. Be Easy

I'm Back on NG

2008-08-03 09:05:05 by Yumbo-Yak

I've been gone for a while, workin on my style. I've changed it up a bit so make sure u chek out my beats, I tried a few other sites...but none r as good as ng, none have the feed back, and i definitly wouldn't frequent them as much as i do ng. Even when i left, i was back checkin' out ng so now i'm here probably to stay, and yes...its good to be back.